“What can ECIU University do for your Research?”

How can you increase your networks and expand your research communities?

How can you develop a truly interdisciplinary scientific approach to better tackle global challenges?

How can you make the most of working in a multicultural environment?

How can citizen science be included in your research activities for broader societal impact?

These are questions which ECIU University and the SMART-ER project can help us answer: ECIU University and SMART-ER offer a wide range of opportunities for collaborations between universities, businesses, public institutions, and society at large: the ECIU challenge-based approach aims to design fast and flexible solutions to tackle the complex global challenges society faces. At ECIU University, researchers aim to work together so as to develop innovative and bold answers to those challenges.

We are therefore convinced that belonging to ECIU University and engaging in the SMART-ER programme will act as an Archimedean lever for the INSA Group.

So, If you are interested in knowing more about what ECIU University can do for your Research, please join our webinar on July 12 from 9 to 11 AM.

The webinar will be held in English.

Inscription ici : http://www.insa-toulouse.fr/fr/webinaire-smart-er-12-juillet-2021.html

The organizing team
Sébastien Leveneur (INSA Rouen-Normandie, SMART-ER coordinator)
Laure Fabre (INSA Toulouse, ECIU Research & Innovation Group)
Marie-Agnès Détourbe (INSA Toulouse, ECIU University Local Ambassador)